Anthony Tramble

Anthony Tramble

"Keep will all work out!"

Prior to coming to RT&T, Anthony heard that leases don't usually work, yet he felt he had hit the ceiling as a company driver and wanted to take the next step in his career. It seemed to him that he was limited as a company driver and he wanted more. He happened to run into one of RT&T's drivers and asked him how he was doing. He liked that it was a smaller, family owned and operated company. He felt it would give him some of the independence he was looking for.

Early on in his career with RT&T, Anthony was told, by an older driver in the fleet, "Don't worry about taking the small loads, because at the end of the week, it will all work out." Anthony has tried to live by that motto, and it was helpful to him, as he worked to complete his lease. He realizes that sometimes he will have to take a load he doesn't want, but freight has to be moved and it will all work out. He learned that how you start your week is going to determine how the rest of your week will go.

Anthony feels that RT&T really does want you to own your truck at the end of the lease. As Tiffany, CFO at RT&T, handed him the title to his truck, Anthony said he could really see the pride and satisfaction in her face. This solidified his sense of being part of the team. He said he felt everyone in the company was proud and very happy for him, something he has felt throughout his career at RT&T. He likes the driver managers he has worked with and that they don't seem to play favorites or hold grudges against anyone. They were there to help him out and to give him encouragement through some tough times, which made it possible for him to keep going. He said the safety department is tight, but fair. They make sure things are done correctly and try to teach drivers along the way, not just try to punish a driver for mistakes.

Anthony was a little surprised that he was able to complete the lease. He had about 3 years of driving experience and said he had never stayed at a company that long. He didn't think he would be able to own a truck and was glad that RT&T gave him the opportunity to do so. He was able to pay the truck off early, using his maintenance escrow and money he had saved up on his own. His wife actually helped him realize he could pay it off early. He knows how important the maintenance escrow is, and now that the truck is paid off, he plans on continuing the maintenance escrow on his own. Anthony is a hard worker and likes the feeling that he is working for himself and is able to achieve his goals.