Berry Placher

Berry Placher

"It takes communication and determination to succeed!"

Having driven since roughly 1989, Berry had accumulated experience in hauling a large variety of trailers and freight. He has always leaned towards lease programs, because he likes the independence they offer and the earning potential of owning a truck. Berry found RT&T Enterprises on the internet and decided to join the company in October 2016, because of running lanes and being closer to his home.

When comparing RT&T to other lease programs he had done, Berry said he appreciated the effort from RT&T to keep the truck loaded and running, not just to fill a seat, but to make sure the driver is making a living and can own the truck at the end of the lease. He was able to meet great people and was given advice and ongoing support throughout the process.

Berry's journey was not without its trials. After facing a health issue, he was forced to take two months off and thought his driving career may be over. With a lot of hard work, he was able to return to the truck and finish his lease. He said, "It takes a lot more work than just driving the truck - it takes communication and determination to succeed!"

As for the equipment, Berry had no major issues with the truck, just normal upkeep and repairs. He said that working with RT&T Repair was great - they always worked hard to get the truck in and completed in a timely manner. He says having the mandatory maintenance escrow was a good thing, knowing there was money set aside to take care of the truck, and that he will continue an escrow and private savings account, just for that reason.

When asked what advice he would give a driver looking to lease, he says not to jump into the decision. Overall, it is a good choice to make, but you must plan ahead for hard times and know that it takes a lot of hard work to succeed. For now, Berry plans to continue driving the truck he paid off, but may eventually trade it in towards the purchase of a new unit.

RT&T would like to congratulate Berry on the successful completion of his lease and thank him for the dedication and hard work he has given to the company!