Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb

"Grit, determination, & there's always something new to learn!"

After starting his driving career in 2012, Brandon tried different lease programs, none of which allowed him to cover his expenses and still make a decent paycheck, so he went back to company driving for a while. While keeping an eye out for an opportunity to own a truck, he was introduced to the RT&T lease program by a current driver and decided to give it a try.

Brandon quickly settled into the company and found it refreshing to be known as a person, not just a truck number - that knowing a driver by name makes that person feel more important to the company. After spending so much time on the road with other companies, he really appreciated the consistent home time that RT&T regular and dedicated freight offered him. He said that being able to spend more time with his family and kids, while still bringing home a paycheck, has made a world of difference. He has also learned several things while becoming his own business, such as tracking expenses, labor & parts costs, road tax, and filing for an LLC and the business aspects of it.

When asked what RT&T does differently than others, Brandon mentioned how well the company works with a driver if they have complications and RT&T Repair is great to work with and are good at getting drivers in & out with reasonable rates. His truck has been reliable overall, but having the maintenance escrow account, to take care of repairs/maintenance without cutting into regular pay, helped him succeed in completing the lease. With added income now as an Owner, Brandon will continue to put aside a decent amount, to go towards truck upkeep. Having that cushion alleviates some of the stress of ownership.

The advice Brandon would offer to others is the same advice he was given in the past... "The day you think you know everything about the trucking industry, it's time to cut up your CDL and get out of the truck...there is always something new to learn, new techniques, or better ways of doing something."

For example, when he learned his dog could roll down a window, without keys in the ignition and during a winter storm, then jump right back into bed to sleep, like nothing had happened!

Making The Commitment "Paid Off"

Congratulations Brandon, on your lease completion! We appreciate the work you have done, and continue to do at RT&T!