After the company he was working for unexpectedly shut their doors with no notice, Carey found himself evaluating his next steps. With over 10 years of experience as a driver, he knew he wanted more say in running his own business. He had leased in the past - three different trucks with the same company. They only offered newer equipment, which ultimately made the lease unaffordable, so was unable to get to the point of ownership with any of them. With the help of his wife doing initial research of potential companies, they found RT&T Enterprises and decided this would be the best fit for him and Carey joined the RT&T team in October of 2017.

Looking back to when he first started leasing trucks, Carey says he didn't realize how much it costs to properly maintain and repair equipment. The mandatory maintenance escrow at RT&T helped him with those expenses and he also opened a volunteer escrow, to put extra money away, which he recommends should be a total of $500 p/week between the two accounts. He will continue an escrow account to save for future repairs and maintenance.

Being able to pay his truck off has been exciting for Carey. He says a driver must "work hard and don't take a lot of time off" to be able to reach that goal. He appreciates the support from the RT&T driver managers and that he never had to sit long, waiting for a load. His last repair was a big hurdle to overcome, but with the help of his escrow accounts and the team at RT&T, he was able to complete his lease. Carey says working with RT&T Repair has been good, which he can't say for other shops he has worked with. Now that his truck is paid in full, Carey will continue to run for RT&T and work towards paying off his house so he can move onward to retirement.

Congratulations Carey, on the completion of your lease, and we wish you continued success with RT&T!