Don Cummins

Don Cummins

"Hard work...well worth the effort!"

Don had completed leases before and had a lot of experience owning trucks in the past, until the recession hit in 2007. He had been running as a company driver for several years when he received an email from RT&T that piqued his interest. He had done a lot of research and concluded that RT&T was the place to go to become an owner operator again.

He said it took a lot of hard work to complete the lease but it was well worth the effort. He had learned early on, from previous leases, that you have to keep track of your expenses and know where your money is going. He also knew it was very important to put money aside for taxes and for short weeks. That doesn't mean he didn't have some rough patches to work through but he kept his nose to the grindstone to make it happen. Communication and pre-planning trips are also important in a driver's success. There were occasions that he needed extra time off and RT&T was able to help him get home and try to keep his revenue up.

Don appreciates that RT&T works with the drivers and can tell that they want drivers to be successful. He appreciates being known by his name, not just his truck number, and says it feels like he is part of a team. After Don was with the company for about eight months, he decided to try his hand at self- dispatching and began running on RT&T's load board program. He likes the freedom it gives him to decide where to go and when to go home.

Don's recommendation to drivers looking to lease is to get advice and ask the questions. He feels that doing his home work on the company and asking questions before jumping in helped him avoid any surprises after joining RT&T. He knew what to expect and what it was going to take to be successful.
We would like to congratulate Don on his success and thank him for all he has done for RT&T. We look forward to many more years of Don being on the RT&T team!