Donald Tabron

Donald Tabron

"It takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice!"

With 25 years of trucking experience, all as a company driver, Donald wanted to explore his options and look for an opportunity to purchase his own truck. He started his search on the internet, looking into different companies and programs that might fit his needs. He found RT&T Enterprises and really liked that it was a smaller, family owned company. Having never leased before, he appreciated that RT&T was straight-forward with him in the information they provided.

Donald started with RT&T near the end of 2015. Being open to learning what it would take to eventually pay off his lease and own his truck, he was glad to know his up-front expenses and valued the good management and leadership he experienced with RT&T. Being supplied with work on a consistent basis allowed him to make all his payments and complete his lease. It was also a nice surprise to be the winner of a monthly safety lottery bonus.

Something he wasn't used to, as a company driver, was truck maintenance. This was a hurdle he had to learn and overcome, but having the maintenance escrow account helped greatly with this, and his experiences with RT&T Repair were very good. He will continue contributing to an escrow account, to make sure future truck needs are met.

Donald's advice to a driver looking to lease, is to be prepared, as it will take a lot of dedication and sacrifice to reach your goal. He said his has been a good experience overall, and that he was provided a lot of knowledge and now feels prepared to move forward as an owner operator.

RT&T would like to congratulate Donald on the successful completion of his lease and thank him for the dedication and hard work he has given to the company!