Emmett Caton

Emmett Caton

"RT&T is professionally run, with a good family atmosphere"

Emmett is a family man and appreciates his home time. He got into the lease purchase plan to provide for his family and still be able to spend time with his wife and children.

Emmett has been driving since 1997. He had tried to lease with three companies (including RT&T) before he was able to complete a lease. He had gotten into a lease with RT&T and left before completing the lease, but he came back because of the good equipment and not having a balloon payment at the end of the lease. Knowing that the truck would be his at the end of the lease, allowed him to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He had known about RT&T since he delivered to the warehouse next to their terminal. Emmett had talked to some of our current drivers and they also had good things to say about the company. He liked that we were close to his home and that we are a smaller company. Emmett appreciates the staff in the office and says it really has a good family atmosphere. He mentioned that for a small company, RT&T is run very professionally. He appreciates that his driver manager, Karen, helps him out and makes sure he is taken care of if he has an issue. He also likes that RT&T is safety oriented. He says the monthly online quizzes the company requires helps keep him focused on safety and helps him stay on top of the changes going on in the industry.

Emmett said he didn't do anything special to be able to complete the lease. He was "diligent and kept truckin'." He is planning on still doing a maintenance escrow, even though it is no longer required. He knows that taking care of the equipment is key to being successful. Emmett had only good things to say about the shop. They took care of any issues with his truck in a timely manner and did quality work.

His advice to drivers looking to get into a lease is to make sure they do their homework and make sure what the company has fits with their expectations. He would also add that you need to keep up on your scheduled maintenance so you don't have issues out on the road. Being a good money manager helped him be successful. He would make sure he put money aside for holiday weeks or when the truck was being serviced.

Since he has paid off the truck he is really looking forward to taking his family on a vacation this summer to Savannah, GA. A couple of his daughters are in Girl Scouts and they are excited to go to the birth place of the Girl Scouts.