Gene started his driving career in 2012, working as a company driver. In 2016, he came across information online about RT&T Enterprises and decided it was time to try a lease program. Having no down payment or balloon payment were selling points, along with working for a smaller company, which offered a more personal side - being a name, not just a number. After starting with RT&T, he had some rough times going on in his life, so left the company after about 7 weeks. He still knew this was the avenue he wanted to take, so returned to RT&T just two months later, and has been with the company since. Gene believed that owning his own truck would open more doors for him and offer more freedom in running his business.

When asked how he was able to pay off the lease, Gene mentioned several things...sweat equity and hard work, being dedicated to the end result, and receiving consistent work & income. He appreciated the good communication from RT&T, along with ongoing training and their dedication to the drivers. Gene was able to get on a dedicated lane, which made budgeting home expenses and managing time much easier. His advice to new drivers wanting to get into a lease... "Make sure you are committed for the long haul - I didn't fully understand the expenses involved in leasing/owning at the beginning - there are always things to learn and you must be dedicated to that process."

Gene said his experience with the RT&T Repair shop has been great. They do their best to get drivers in for work, and get it completed in a timely manner. Having the maintenance escrow throughout the lease is a big stress reliever, by knowing there is money set aside to keep your equipment running. Whether you lease or fully own your equipment, having a separate savings for maintenance & repairs is a must.

As for his plans now that the truck is paid off, Gene has already entered into another equipment lease, on a newer model truck, and will continue running with RT&T. He knows the program works and is ready to see another truck through to payoff.

RT&T would like to congratulate Gene on his lease payoff, and thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the company!