Having been a company driver many years ago, Herman knew that path wasn't where he would find the money he was looking for or a sense of freedom. Since then, he had done several different lease programs before joining RT&T Enterprises in December of 2016. He found RT&T on the internet and really liked that the program made it easy to start a lease and that he could choose his own truck. He had done mostly dry van freight over his 16+ years of driving, so felt confident in being able to run RT&T freight.

Herman says he has had to learn many things over the years as a lease purchase driver and made the point that once a driver leases a truck, he says the driver must "stay motivated - it's your responsibility to succeed." He mentioned items that are important to get a driver to the point of ownership, all of which are things that a driver wanting to own a truck needs to focus on. Save your money and stay on top of your taxes - you are the business owner and you have to keep it going. Run hard, to get the truck paid off, even if you must sacrifice some home time to keep the truck moving, and don't take time off unless you have money saved. And lastly, keep the truck in good shape. Herman said that having the mandatory maintenance escrow with RT&T was a huge help in this area, and that RT&T Repair was good to work with.

When asked what RT&T does differently than other lease programs, Herman said that having lower truck payments, the maintenance escrow, and support from his driver manager were all things that helped him succeed. Now that his truck is paid in full, he will continue to run for RT&T and put money in his own savings account, to continue to be prepared for future repairs and maintenance.

RT&T would like to congratulate Herman on the completion of his lease and wish him continued success with the company!