James came to RT&T Enterprises, Inc. with five years of Regional & Local experience pulling reefer, flatbed, tank, and doubles. He had tried a lease once before but left it early, saying it was a horrible experience with very low pay. He knew he wanted to start his own business and needed to do more research on companies before leasing again. He spoke with an Owner/Operator friend, who gave him some insight on the subject and put him in touch with a current RT&T driver. They discussed the ins & outs of the company and he felt he had the information needed to move forward.

In talking about how he was able to pay off the truck, James mentioned a few things he learned in the process: keep focused, watch your expenses when out on the road, plan your routes, and learn how to best manage your time. He didn't fully realize what it meant to be the boss and the expenses of owning his own business. He said, "stay focused & motivated - you only have yourself to answer for." He appreciated the help from RT&T, keeping loads on him, always having an answer to his questions, and advice received from other drivers. As the talk continued, there was a point at which he stopped and said, "no one will believe this because I'm only saying good things, but overall, there truly was no bad in this experience - the pros outweigh the cons and RT&T held up their end of the deal - this was the first time in my career I was never lied to." He said the effort from RT&T is put into making the driver succeed and learn from their mistakes, one-on-one help, and honesty.

There were a couple breakdowns that James mentioned and said he just had to focus on getting back on track by keeping the truck moving after the repairs. Having the mandatory maintenance escrow in place helps drivers be prepared for these things and James said he will definitely continue to save on his own. He stated this is a must - your business will fail if the truck isn't moving, so you have to invest in it. He was happy with work done at RT&T Repair and that the prices are the best around. He says Andy, the shop manager, is top-notch and knows what he's talking about.

James offers the following advice to drivers looking to lease...don't focus on just the money to be made, pay attention and learn as much as possible, listen and follow through, don't be afraid to ask questions and push for the answers you need, and choose RT&T because they'll help you stay on track and succeed.

RT&T would like to congratulate James on his dedication to completing the lease and wish him continued success in his driving career!