Jeff Zimmerman

Jeff Zimmerman

Partner & CEO

Jeff Zimmerman started his career with RT&T in May of 2006 as an assistant regional dispatcher; he was quickly promoted to Director of Regional Operations, and then became the Safety Director. All of his time, dedication, and hard work with RT&T has led him to his most significant accomplishment in his career, becoming Partner & CEO of RT&T Enterprises, Inc.

Jeff's passion for the Transportation Industry, however, was sparked long before he started with RT&T in 2006. Jeff's roots run rather deep in the industry, his biggest inspiration for his choice of career path being not only his Dad, who is still driving professionally to this day but also his Grandpa! Since the age of 16, Jeff's life has been all about Transportation; he started in High School by cleaning buses. When Jeff turned 25, he began driving professionally. He is proud to say he has never had an accident. He then went on to being the Line Haul Manager for 105 trucks at H&W Motor Express, before beginning his career at RT&T.

Outside of RT&T, Jeff is a sports fanatic, and if he isn't cheering on one of his favorite teams, you might catch him on the river, or spending quality time with his family. The most important thing to Jeff is family. He has two children, four awesome grandkids, a wife he loves dearly, and two pets; one dog and one cat!

Jeff strives to Meet & Exceed Expectations at RT&T by getting up and fighting every day for a team win. Whether the day before was a good day or a bad day, he wakes up each morning with a fresh and new outlook on the day ahead. Jeff's biggest inspiration is making sure the staff, drivers, and team as a whole are successful at RT&T Enterprises, Inc.