Justin Kopac

Justin Kopac

"Don't get discouraged...Listen to those offering guidance!"

Having started driving in 2004, Justin had been a company driver throughout most of his career and wanted to gain some independence in the workplace. He had tried to lease in the very beginning, but says it only lasted about a month, because the company wasn't keeping the truck moving. He found RT&T Enterprises while doing research on trucking companies, as well as reading reviews on different sites.

After starting with RT&T, Justin said the family environment was evident and that he felt like part of the family, right out of orientation. Since then, he has always had consistent support and been given good advice from his Driver Manager, Karen, to help keep him grounded and focused. Along with the support, he was glad that RT&T kept his truck moving, with lots of consistent freight, leading him to his goal of truck ownership, and as a bonus, being able to pay off his house as well.

Justin stated that he knew the process would be a lot of work and was not caught off guard by what it would take to complete the lease. As for advice to new drivers wanting to lease a truck..."keep up with maintenance, don't be picky on loads, don't get discouraged if you have a bad week, and listen to those offering help and guidance." There were occasional maintenance issues to work through, and knowing the mandatory maintenance escrow was there to help cover expenses helped ease the burden.

In asking Justin to recall a story during his lease with RT&T, his response was to tell about being suspended for a week when he first started. He said this wouldn't normally be a great memory, but that he wanted to make a point..."just take your knocks, accept the punishment, and keep moving on!"

RT&T would like to thank Justin for his dedication to completing the lease program and wish him continued success in the future!