Leonard came to RT&T with several years of experience as a company driver. He had never done a lease program but knew this was the path he wanted to take, to be his own boss and make money for himself and his own business. He found RT&T through a Craigslist ad online and liked that there was no balloon payment with the program - once paid in full, the truck is yours. He was also looking for an older truck, to be able to get the lease paid off faster, and settled very nicely into the one he chose.

When asked how he was able to complete the lease, a few things came to Leonard's mind: Discipline and money management - don't spend on the "pretty" stuff - stick to the basics and what is necessary to keep the truck running - fix any issues right away, because if the truck's not running, there's no money to be made. He also mentioned a couple hurdles he had to work on, to get to the point of payoff. Learning to plan wisely and manage time, along with learning when/when not to get fuel and to drive the truck in such a way to make that fuel last as much as possible.

Leonard touched on the topic of what tools RT&T provided to help make him successful. He spoke about having a knowledgeable driver manager, that RT&T kept him running, and that lease purchase drivers are required to have a maintenance escrow, which is great because it forces drivers to keep money set aside that is dedicated to keeping the truck in good shape. Leonard will continue to put money away for future repairs & maintenance of the truck. He also said that RT&T Repair really knows the equipment and is very thorough.

Leonard will continue running with RT&T and now that the equipment is paid off, looks forward to saving additional money. His advice to drivers wanting to get into a lease purchase is to manage time and money wisely and keep up on the truck.

Congratulations Leonard, on completing your lease! We appreciate the work you do at RT&T and wish you continued success with the company!