Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson

"Focus, effort, and commitment!"

Michael Simpson had been driving since 1974 and wanted more options, in order to be more in charge of his career. He studied up and asked a lot of questions before getting into a lease. He had friends who had leased, so he picked their brains, as far as what to look for and what it would take to be successful. When it came down to it, he thought RT&T had the best lease for him. Everything was laid out for him and they helped him be successful. Michael liked that there was no balloon payment at the end of the lease. He went into it with the mindset that he would do what was needed to make it work. He liked becoming more involved in his own business decisions.

Prior to coming to RT&T, Michael had experience running containers, reefers, dry vans, end dumps, belly dumps, etc., and even hauling livestock, at the last company he worked for. One of his concerns was that he would be running electronic logs. He was surprised at how quickly he learned how to use them, and how easy it was once he did. He also liked that when he would go through a scale, he didn't have to worry if his logs were up to date or if they had a mistake on them.

RT&T helped him throughout the process and worked with him if something needed to be done. He likes that you can actually talk to the people in the office, to get some understanding, as to what is going on. He said he had been sick and RT&T was able to work with him to get caught up on payments. They were in it for the long haul and have gone the extra mile, which encouraged him that he could make it. He liked when they would get him home for special occasions, and at times, even when he was only able to give short notice. He realizes that operations can and will drop the ball at times, but they will do their best to fix any issues. He feels they do care and are doing their best for the drivers. He also realizes he can get cranky at times, and he will generally let the person he is talking to know that he is cranky. Good or bad, it is all a necessary part of communication.

He really likes Andy and the guys in the shop. He said he can call in and Andy can usually help him, even if he is out on the road, so he can minimize his repair bills. Michael decided to use ATBS, the accounting service introduced to him by RT&T. They have helped him realize how to maximize his deductions and be more efficient in running his business.

One thing he would like to remind new drivers at RT&T, is that you have to realize that you are responsible for making a truck payment. You also need to understand there will be good and bad weeks, so look at the big picture and do a good job of budgeting your money. He also mentioned the need to keep focused and work. You won't be successful without putting forth the effort and hard work it is going to take. Be committed. His driving forces are his wife and his home. He likes to be able to get home and spend time with his wife.