Nichalos Pierce

Nichalos Pierce

"Stay focused on the plan of ownership!"

Having a CDL for roughly 15 years, Nichalos had experience in dry van, log & dump truck, and equipment hauling. He had always been a company driver, so making the move into owning a truck sounded both appealing and challenging to him. He realized that if he was spending 12-14 hours a day in a truck, he might as well own it. Nichalos started doing his research and found RT&T Enterprises on the internet. He filled out a mini-application and was contacted by recruiter Brian, to go over the lease program and running lanes. He liked the monthly & quarterly incentives that drivers could earn, and as an over-the-road driver from the Carolina's, he also likes being able to run Dallas, TX freight.

Entering the lease program quickly made Nichalos aware of the financial responsibility of being an owner operator. He had to learn the different aspects of business, how to account for expenses, and a new habit of concentrated awareness and organization. He used the accounting service, ATBS, to help with recordkeeping and taxes. Nichalos says RT&T helped him succeed by keeping freight on the truck, which kept the bills paid. He had very few major issues and the truck ran well overall. He trusted the expertise and workmanship offered by RT&T Repair, and did stress the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance to avoid big issues/expenses.

When asked what hurdles he had to overcome to eventually own the truck, Nichalos mentioned being able to move past a bad day, whether his own or someone he is dealing with. He says it's important to stay motivated, to overcome the stresses & rigor of all the time out on the road and away from family. His advice to drivers wanting to get into a lease program... "Stay focused on the plan of ownership. Nobody plans to fail - they fail to plan." He also mentioned being money smart in budgeting and knowing when to save and when to spend. Nichalos will continue to set aside money every week, to support regular maintenance and upkeep on the truck. He is currently in the process of planning what the future will look like, now that his truck is paid in full.

RT&T would like to congratulate Nichalos on completing his lease and wish him continued success in his career as an owner/operator. Thank you for your hard work & dedication!