Are you a self-motivated trucking professional?

Are you looking for greater responsibilities that lead to greater rewards?

If you answered yes to the above questions, RT&T Enterprises, Inc. may be the right fit for you. Our driver partners are empowered with the tools to prosper.

RT&T Enterprises, Inc. has several programs to fit driver needs, including a Lease Purchase option, Owner Operator and Company Driver positions. If you have the desire to prosper, we will provide the tools to help you achieve a higher level of success. When you combine our driver partner programs with our supportive staff and technology, it becomes evident as to why RT&T Enterprises, Inc. continues to show steady growth and success.

Our Lease-to-Own Program has been tailored to create successful drivers who will own their truck when the lease is complete. With RT&T covering the majority of Lease Operator fixed expenses and pre-planning done by our operations team, the driver is able to focus on running the truck to the best of their ability. RT&T understands the added responsibilities of being in a Lease Purchase program and that equipment maintenance and upkeep can cause setbacks. Unlike other programs, that may set a driver up for failure, we help ensure our drivers are prepared for unforeseen circumstances with a mandatory maintenance escrow during the term of the lease. Our fundamental goal is for every lease driver to reach the point of truck ownership.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs please feel free to Contact Recruiting for a brief consultation.