Robert Dowling

Robert Dowling

"Whatever is worth doing won't come easy."

Owning a truck of his own had always been one of Robert's dreams. His dad was a trucker and mechanic, so being raised around trucking kept his interest in the industry. He had tried to lease with a different company, but they sat him a lot while company drivers ran loads. He came across RT&T's website and liked that it was owner-operator based and also a smaller, family owned business, treating drivers and employees like family.

When asked what makes the RT&T lease program different from others, Robert appreciated being treated like a true owner operator, allowed to make his own business decisions, and also that RT&T sets up the maintenance escrow in a way that helps the driver succeed. There is much more paperwork and stress involved in becoming an owner operator, so learning some type of business accounting and being diligent in paperwork is a must. Learning to save money is also very important. If the truck isn't moving, there is no paycheck, yet the fixed expenses keep coming. Saving money for time off, as well as maintenance/repairs, must be a priority. Now that his truck is paid off, Robert will work with his bank and continue to put money in an account to cover truck expenses. His advice to new drivers wanting to lease would be to get some real experience behind the wheel first. Get to know how to properly care for and maintain a truck before looking to lease or purchase.

In facing hurdles along the way, Robert's outlook has always been "whatever is worth doing won't come easy." With dedication and hard work, Robert not only completed his lease, but continues his education as a full-time, on-line student and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He appreciates the encouragement, training, and continued support from RT&T.

RT&T wants to thank Robert for his hard work and dedication, and wish him continued success as an owner operator!