Robert Minisee

Robert Minisee

"Keep's about owning a truck!"

Robert started driving truck on the farm, then eventually got his chauffeur's license, and on to his CDL. He continued his career, pulling several types of trailers, but mostly did dry vans. Robert was pretty content with the company he was at, until he ran into one of our current drivers. Our driver piqued Robert's interest about trying to lease and gave him RT&T's card. Robert took the next step and started a conversation with the recruiter, which eventually led to his decision to enter RT&T's Lease Purchase Program.

Robert said when he puts his mind to something, it gets done, and this lease would be no different. He had advice to drivers, getting into RT&T's lease plan. One thing is to keep focused on your goal and remember that it's about owning a truck at the end. "A truck costs money and you need to put money into it so it can work for you. Make sure to follow the preventative maintenance schedules and use good products for your truck - don't go cheap." He said it may cost you a little more on the front side, but will pay for itself by reducing breakdowns later on. You need to realize you aren't a company driver anymore. You have to take care of your truck and not beat it up. You also need to use your APU or Optimized Idle so you can control your idling time since you are the one paying for the fuel.

By taking care of his truck Robert was able to pay it off, seven months early, using funds he had accumulated in his maintenance escrow, while still leaving a cushion for future needs. Robert said there were tough times but he didn't let them get in the way of his goal to own his truck. He said he didn't always agree with RT&T but realizes that the company does know what it is doing and can help drivers be successful. He added that he really appreciates his driver manager, Carrie, and how she tries to understand his perspective. Robert made the switch to run on RT&T's Load Board, and is currently dispatching himself. He really likes the flexibility and freedom the load board gives him to pick and choose freight.

Congratulations Robert on reaching your goal! RT&T is proud of you and appreciates your perseverance and all you have done for the company. Thank you and we wish you continued success!