Ron Knapp

Ron Knapp

"It's a learning process...adapt to changes to succeed!"

Ron came to RT&T Enterprises, Inc. at the beginning of 2014, with several years of experience in the trucking industry, at both larger and smaller companies, pulling dry van and reefer freight. He found RT&T on the internet and liked that the equipment had APU's. He had previously been in lease programs, but had not completed one. He knew he wanted to lease again, and most importantly, find a program that would lead him to owning his own truck and ultimately making more money.

Being a hard worker by nature, Ron was ready to go the distance and knew he would have to take minimal time off to make it work. He says RT&T knows the industry and was able to assign him consistent work to keep his truck moving. Ron stated that leasing, in general, is a step-by-step learning process and you have to adapt to changes, as needed, to succeed. He liked that the staff believed in him, offered continued support, was able to admit when wrong, and worked with him to overcome obstacles and get the lease paid off. Ron also appreciated having the Maintenance Escrow in place and will continue to put money aside to cover expenses. He says the RT&T Repair shop was excellent - that he has never been so pleased with a shop in the past.

Ron's advice to a driver wanting to lease is to be informed, ask questions, know the lease program and what you're getting into - they're all very different. Through his experience, he's been able to payoff many bills and enjoys "living in the positive" now. His current plans are to continue working, saving money, and eventually sell the truck and make spending time with family his full-time career.

RT&T would like to thank Ron for his years of dedication and hard work, and congratulate him on the successful completion of his lease!