Russell Decker

Russell Decker

"Do what it takes to make it work."

Russ had been driving for 7 years when he decided he would finally take the plunge and see if he couldn't make a lease plan work. He had talked to one of his friends that was driving for RT&T and decided to make the call. He was looking to make more money and have the added freedom that comes with owning a truck.

According to Russ, the maintenance escrow helped give him some peace of mind, since he knew whatever came up would be taken care of with his escrow. He felt he got a good truck and didn't have many big breakdowns. He had money built up in his maintenance escrow and used it to pay the truck off several months early.

He appreciates that RT&T found the loads for him. He is pretty easy going and said he took the loads he was offered and knew in the long run things would work out. He noted several times that he likes being able to talk to whomever he needs to in the organization. Everyone has been very accessible and helpful in resolving any situations that come up.

Russ had been using an accountant but they disappeared on him. After that he started using the accounting service that was referred to him through RT&T. It has helped him keep his taxes in check so he doesn't have any issues down the line.

The biggest thing Russ learned in doing a lease is that it was his business and he needed to do what it was going to take to make it work. You have to watch your money and plan. He suggests that when you have a really strong week, that you put money aside as a cushion for when you get sick or are broke down. Putting money in a voluntary escrow helped him do that. His advice to drivers coming to RT&T is "don't get is going to take time to get things rolling the way they need to."

Russ plans to keep putting money into an escrow so that he can take care of any repairs and maintenance. He has really appreciated working with the shop. They are able to get him in when he needs work done. He also mentioned that they will let him know what needs to be done now and what to be looking at doing at a later time.

Russ feels good where he is at and doesn't have any complaints. He is enjoying the dedicated run that he is on, which gets him home every other night.

Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work Russ!