Our 1st Female Driver Payoff!


Toni knew she wanted a truck of her own - the problem was finding a place that could help her accomplish that. Having been a company driver for over six years, doing heavy haul, flatbed, & dry van, she spent a good portion of that time researching lease programs. She found RT&T Enterprises and contacted Recruiter Ashley. She liked the open, honest conversations and that there was no hiding behind a sales pitch - all details were put out there, which allowed her to make an informed decision. Roadside inspections on her PSP, due to under par equipment at a previous employer, caused a delay in the onboarding process. While waiting to qualify, she kept in touch with Ashley and when the time came, Toni hit the ground running with RT&T in 2020.

Getting into her first lease took some getting used to - as she says, "it's a rollercoaster, stressful, but it's all worth it in the end." Some of the things mentioned that got her to the payoff point were not turning down freight, getting along with others, and living within her means...on the good weeks, you have to save money and be prepared for the unexpected. One of those "unexpected" items for Toni was a decent size repair bill, but with hard work and extra saving, she was able to overcome that hurdle. She is happy with the RT&T Repair shop and how they've been able to fix things others couldn't.

Toni then talked about her experience with RT&T Enterprises in general. She appreciated the straightforward information, support, and follow through on promises, along with consistent freight and the incentive & safety bonuses offered to drivers. She and co-pilot George plan to continue running for RT&T and maybe do some cosmetic upgrades to her truck. She will also keep an account designated for truck upkeep, stating this is a must, to save ahead for repairs & maintenance. Toni's advice to a driver wanting to get into a lease...SAVE MONEY, trust in your operations team, BE DETERMINED, and when hard times hit, remember your end goal!

RT&T would like to congratulate Toni on her dedication to completing the lease and wish her continued success with the company!