Tracy Reiter

Tracy Reiter

"Have a positive attitude - be the business owner!"

Tracy came to RT&T Enterprises at the end of 2013, with 17 years of driving experience pulling a variety of loads and trailers. He had entered into lease programs before, but had not been successful, with the last company closing down before he had the chance to finish the lease. He found RT&T on his internet search and started looking into the company. After talking with Shane, who was recruiter at the time, he decided the RT&T lease program offered everything he was looking for.

When asked how he was able to finish the lease, Tracy responded that "hard work, determination, and an understanding spouse" helped get him to the point of payoff. He had only minimal maintenance issues to overcome, nothing major, and said the RT&T Repair shop is great about getting things fixed in a timely manner. He was very glad to have the maintenance escrow account to help cover expenses, and will continue to put money in an escrow to keep his truck in tip-top condition.

In talking about how RT&T differs from other companies he leased with, Tracy liked that RT&T was honest and upfront with lease information, as well as the structure and organization of the company. He appreciated the ongoing education, safety bonuses, and being "asked" to do things, rather than forced. This allowed him to make his own choices and run his own business.

Tracy's advice to new drivers looking to lease... "Go into the lease with your eyes wide open. Know what you want and get what you want. Have a positive attitude and be the business owner. There's no room to complain if things aren't going right."

RT&T would like to thank Tracy for his dedication and congratulate him on the successful completion of his lease. Here's to your continued success with the company!