Vernell came to RT&T in 2019 with four years of experience doing intermodal, container, and reefer. He had leased with another company but didn't complete it - along with a lack of loads, the program wasn't as it was presented. He knew he wanted to find another lease program that would lead him to owning a truck of his own. Vernell found RT&T Enterprises, Inc. online and did further research before deciding to make the move. He liked the regional lanes, which kept him close to home, as well as the equipment offered and length of lease, so he could pay off in a shorter amount of time.

In talking about factors that led him to complete his lease, Vernell mentioned a few important items that helped him stay on track. Monitoring & controlling fuel expenses, good routing, and maintaining the truck to prevent major breakdowns. As for hurdles during the process, separating business expenses/earnings from personal ones was a learning curve. Also, there were a couple breakdowns when the truck had to go to shops other than RT&T Repair. Those shops didn't offer the excellent level of service & honesty he was used to from the RT&T Repair team. He stated he will continue to put money aside, to be prepared for future repairs and maintenance.

When asked what makes RT&T Enterprises different, Vernell mentioned several things. First was the overall communication, from being able to reach someone if he needed help, to general help & reminders to keep his business on track. The regular safety training, which may seem annoying but it's effective - there's always something to review and learn. And lastly, he appreciated that RT&T kept his loads booked in advance, as much as possible, so he could plan his week and routes.

Vernell gives high praise to his wife, for taking care of the non-driving tasks of the business, allowing him to focus on success behind the wheel. Now that the truck is paid off, he plans to continue driving for RT&T while learning more and growing the business. He offered the following advice to drivers wanting to get into a lease: Do your research - make sure what is being offered is the complete picture. Look for honesty, not just sales tactics, as well as uniqueness of conversation, not canned responses. "Don't just chase success - you need to make yourself valuable. There's no success without value."

RT&T would like to congratulate Vernell on the completion of his lease and wish him continued success with the company!