Vernon Ferguson

Vernon Ferguson

"Hard work, dedication, and smart business decisions!"

Vernon came to RT&T in 2014, knowing he wanted his next move to be one that would lead him to owning his own truck. He had about ten years of experience in driving for owner operators and a couple other companies. Having never leased before, he was looking for an opportunity with a company who could help him reach that goal. He found RT&T and filled out an online application. After getting a call back from the recruiter, to discuss the terms of the program, he decided this was the move he would make.

Vernon knew that in order to pay the truck off, it would take a lot of hard work on his part, along with being dedicated, safe, and making smart business decisions along the way. He says having a constant flow of freight and employees at RT&T being understanding and making things easier and more attainable also led to his success. He appreciated being recognized and rewarded for his hard work.

His journey did not come without a few setbacks, one of which was overcoming an overhaul on his truck. Having the maintenance escrow helped him cross that hurdle and now that his lease is completed, he states that it is a MUST to continue putting money aside for repairs and maintenance. He had great experiences with the RT&T Repair shop, saying they were very reasonable and helpful.

Vernon plans to continue running freight for RT&T. His advice to drivers looking to get into a truck lease program... "Come in with an open mind and determination, and see it out to the very end!"

RT&T would like to thank Vernon for all of his hard work and wish him great success as an owner/operator. Congratulations on completing your lease!