W. Lee

W. Lee

"Keep your goal in mind...know your priorities!"

Lee was looking to the future and didn't see any challenge in remaining as a company driver. He had received an email from RT&T and thought he would give them a call to see what leasing was about. He knew it was going to take hard work and persistence to complete a lease and thought he was up to the challenge.

He had held a variety of driving positions before coming to RT&T but had never leased a truck before. He had been training new drivers just prior to joining RT&T. He didn't always enjoy training but took pride in what he was teaching those drivers who were just starting their driving career.

Lee had a goal of owning a truck and made a plan on how to get there. He worked hard and pushed himself to get that done. He reiterated that you need to keep your goal in mind and know your priorities. It wasn't always easy but he knew that RT&T had his back and he appreciated them helping him out whenever possible. He likes that RT&T will do their best to work with you if you are having issues.

He does his best to treat others with respect. He tries to be as friendly as possible whenever he arrives at a dock. He realizes that he isn't the only person they deal with in a day's time and that being courteous and respectful helps make the process easier.

Lee said that an important part of being successful is the ability to do a good job of trip planning, so that you can maximize the time you have on your clock. He knows the only way to get the truck paid off is to keep the engine warm and the truck rolling, and RT&T has helped him be able to do that. He knows that "bad loads" will happen and has learned to take the bad with the good and doesn't turn down freight.

He mentioned a couple times that you need to really get to know your truck - what it can and can't do. The RT&T Repair shop has helped him learn the ins & outs of his truck. He stated "they are some of the best people I have had the pleasure of knowing. They knew my truck before I got into it and were able to help me keep it maintained and profitable."

He didn't realized how much paperwork came along with taking over the truck title and ownership, after paying off the lease. He was glad that RT&T took care of a majority of that for him. "It is rare to find a company that you can regard as your friend and family. When you have people that want to see you succeed, you just have to keep pushing forward. All the time and effort is worth it in the end."

Congratulations Lee on achieving your goal of owning your truck! Being able to set that goal and complete it says a lot about the person you are!